Our Craft 

Our Beautiful cabinets and furniture is custom made for our clients to offer a unique finish

We can also modify products so you have a unique and bespoke design. We have been perfecting our craft since 1998 and we have the capabilities and knowledge to manufacture most types of furniture or cabinetry whether its a complex kitchen design or modern and sleek furniture.


Apart from collaborative work, all design work is done in house. Designs are hand drawn, then re drawn and fine tuned in our rendering program. As a customer, you will receive the highest quality renders available on the market to give you the best possible experience to visualise what you should expect.

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Environmentally Conscious

we use environmentally friendly sourced wood and panels. we strongly believe in buying well and buying once. our products are made to last with the environment in mind 

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in 2017, the family members of reno designs opened up their workshop in england to pass on their skills and build furniture for their dedicated client range. this has since expanded to opening their showroom in sheen and selling to the general public,


the reno story

Reno designs was started by the taran family, with each member experienced in their own ways.

Aurelia - with marketing and business ideas, octavian - with over 23 years knowledge in cabinet making & Manufacturing and andrei with 10 years installation and manufacturing experience. 

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