About Our Workshop

Located in the historic city of Rochester, Kent, near the famous historic dockyard, 

our workshop allows us to construct and fabricate all the furniture we sell.

We combine the traditional style of craftsmanship with state of the art modern technology resulting in guaranteed precision on all of our joinery.


We only believe in using the best materials to build your cabinetry to make sure it will last a lifetime. 

Our FSC certified materials are sustainably farmed from a controlled environment where the environment, community and landscape is always kept in mind.

Our furniture is elegant, handmade, hand-painted, and built to last a lifetime.



We offer a choice of wood for your cabinetry, whether you want a contemporary look with a smooth finish or a visible grain for a more traditional and natural look.

We believe in quality. That's why our frames and doors are made from hardwood, guaranteed to last longer. We offer a standard choice of Ash, Sapele or Oak. Our design team can help you figure out which look you'd prefer. 

Our carcasses are from from a high quality Oak Venner, which adds strength to your furniture.The veneer is lacquered in a matt finish to bring out the beautiful colour of the wood. 

We also offer a large variety of handmade solid wood accessories such as cutlery divider, glass holders, spice racks. 

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We believe in transparency, That's why we offer an exclusive tour of our workshop so you can see your cabinetry being made in person. 

You can see watch while we work through each step of the way from prepping your wood to combining each piece into a finished product. You'll have the peace of mind knowing your cabinetry is being made with the upmost care and quality. 

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